Welcome to The Grind!

We have a passion for learning, earning and for giving back while achieving at a high level.

Gaming Guild

The Grind is a free-to-join clan where gamers and investors meet to play, strategize, and earn in the exciting new world of GameFi (Gaming + Finance).

We encourage long-term growth and play alongside you, often achieving the highest ranks. While we will strive to share best practises for earning, we will do so in way that promotes safe onboarding, educational content-creation and long-term holders. 

Put your skills to the test in various games across Web3. 

Support Platform

Cronos Grind is a support platform that finds, guides and promotes companies, people, and NFT creators as they start or continue their Web3 journeys. Cronos Grind has a history of connecting talented professionals who have the knowledge and tools to create successful digital brands.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are investors who simply don’t have the time to play games and need YOU, the scholars, to play the game for them!

We have proven success & satisfaction and will soon be reopening applications for more scholars. Stay tuned in our Discord!

The Discord is a great place to be, as we have various free-to-enter mini-communities established! Examples are (but are not limited to):

– game-specific text or voice channels
–  job boards for web3 professionals
– an incubator where teams meet to collaborate on web3 initiatives and projects
– a learning platform to gain peace-of-mind in the crypto-space

Cronos Grind

Paid Partnerships

Ghetto Doves

Lost Toys


Roadmap 1.0

Q4 2021

– Created brand around the visions of giving back to CroFam, helping provide more transparency between projects and investors, and help people profit for all the time spent learning/teaching/GRINDING in web3
– Helped Nightgrowler, (the first Telegram stickers artist) by getting scammer account shut down, and worked with Nightgrowler to develop logo
– Started Twitter, website, discord, etc.
– Created a professional Spaces atmosphere where AMAs were conducted, recorded, stored online for public access:
——>Lazy Horses: Daily recorded spaces for project updates , helped establish and keep 24/7 Stables going
——>Ebisus Bay: Weekly space with giveaways
– Create and planned for roadmap 2.0 which rewards Spaces hosts.
1 or 2 AMAs held for many, many projects and this initiative is ongoing

Roadmap 2.0

Q1 2022

– Continued building followers, amplifying the community’s voice, providing AMAs
– Main objective of this roadmap was to give back to Twitter Spaces hosts by gamifying the experience.
– Nightgrowler created a set of upgradeable, free badges that we gifted to Spaces hosts for contributing value to the community – Crip~Toe, Alpha, 21 Million were top 3
– Built many connections to projects, creators, hosts, developers, project managers through hosting AMAs and organizing events
Established Cronos Grind as a business
– Created 4 versions of a Loaded Lion / Cronos Grind collab NFT and opened up a FREE claim for their choice of colour. This was in reaction to the uproar in February over lack of communication and utility.

Roadmap 3.0

Q2 2022

Continued building followers, amplifying the community’s voice, providing AMAs, hosting giveaways
Established a launchpad to support projects who want to launch a project
Onboarded a solidity developer, and marketing manager
Support launch of Ghetto-Doves
Support launch of Looneycorns and Meanies NFTs
Support Launch of ClubCRO

Continue building and seeking avenues for growth, expansion
Continue connecting skilled community members (community manager, project manager, promoters, discord moderators) with projects
Cronos Grind relationships and networks will start to bridge specific companies into Web3, with intent to add value to Cronos network and its users